Traveling Trap Queen: Hilton Head SC

This summer my family decided to try someplace different for vacation. We went to Hilton Head,South Carolina. A beautiful island off the coast of South Carolina!   

It was me and Terry’s first road trip! 8 hour drive  

Hey family!  

$3 margaritas 😁😁 


  I think the thing I loved most was that everybody rode bikes everywhere!!  

And the fact that I refused to wear make up or do my hair the entire time lol  

Overall I had a great time and I will definitely be back! 

Paint N Sip! A Night with the Girls 

This is what we were supposed to be painting lol  
Check out my progress along the way 

So far I think I’m doing pretty good! I think I’m showing a lot of promise  
Here’s where I ended up 💁🏽 

It looks better from afar  

And here are my friends paintings 

Fun night!! And the food at Infuse was too bomb! 

Straight Outta Compton

I saw Straight Outta Compton Monday morning around 11:00 AM. It was sold out. Yes a Monday morning movie was sold out. So I knew this was something big.


And I also knew that drama would soon follow.

Maybe I’m reaching here (because I’ve honestly mostly read positive reviews)but I have noticed a few people (in the comments section mostly) talk about how the group disrespects women in their lyrics (true!!) and how they were only used as sexual props in the movie (Untrue)


Stop reading if you haven’t seen the movie!!!!

So there is one scene I’ll refer to as the “Bye Felicia” scene. Women are walking around naked, having sex etc. etc.

Pause for a moment. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t part of the “feminist” movement sexual freedom? Meaning being able to do as you please sexually without judgment. So I’m confused why this scene bothers so many feminist. Aren’t these women just exploring their sexual freedom?

Or is it because they are doing so with black men which mean that it’s automatically disrespect? Or is it because they’re black women?

I’ve stated long ago that we as black women are not included in the “American feminist” conversation. I’m honestly okay with that because as sad as it is: Our issues and the issues of white women are not the same.

We are overly sexualized in pop culture. We are told not to bring up race when discussing gender equality, but how can we not!? When our race plays such a huge part in our lives?

I know I’m rambling, but to get back to the point lol I don’t agree with all of NWA’s lyrics but I have to respect the influence they had on Hip Hop culture and on Pop culture in general.


Now on to their lyrics. Of course their lyrics make me uncomfortable!! Of course! I feel like that goes without saying. But Ice Cube brought up a great point in his recent interview with Rolling Stone. “If you’re a ho, you probably don’t like us. If you’re not a ho or a bitch, don’t be jumping to the defense of these despicable females.” This is true. I think this is the reason why I never became downright outraged at some of their lyrics. And if you’re still confused, listen to Tupac’s “Wonder why they call you Bitch” for further clarification.

Lastly, Dr. Dre

Never really been a Dr. Dre fan because of the domestic abuse allegations against him.

  1. These allegations are not new, they are twenty years old.
  2. I assumed there were a bunch of women he had abused (4-5)
  3. I didn’t know that he had spoken about these incidents and thought he chose to ignore them instead
  4. I also didn’t know that they had settled out of court

Okay so after doing my research, there were only two women accusing him of violence not many like I originally thought. These incidents occurred in the early nineties so why are these women doing interviews and talking negatively about the NWA movie?? I’m sorry. This movie was not about Dr. Dre’s life so what did you expect exactly?

2ndly (and this is just my personal opinion) if you received money instead of pressing criminal charges, you aren’t a victim anymore. You got your money years ago, why are you brining this up now like you never received justice? I wasn’t there so I can’t say what happened or didn’t happen. All I know is what the media reports.

Regardless of how you feel about the group or even the individuals, you cannot deny that this was a great movie and a story that needed to be told.



I’m a little pissed at #BlackLivesMatter

So I’m going to jump right into it. I am not PLEASED AT ALL with the recent tactics of the orgnization Black Lives Matter.  While I do agree that more “forward” tactics are needed, rushing stages and being outright rude is not the way.

You know how I like my list to keep my thoughts organized so here goes…

  1. Why is this only being done to the democratic candidates?? Why have they NOT interupted Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Ben Carson etc etc
  2. Have they done ANYYYY research on Bernie Sanders?? Like at all! Please check his resume before you decide to rush him on stage! “While attending the University of Chicago, he was active in the Civil Rights Movement, and a student organizer for the Congress of Racial Equality and the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committeee of the actions he took was the coordination of sit-in protests against segregated campus housing, for which he was arrested. Sanders also participated in the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom”
  3. As much as I dislike Hilary Clinton, she had such great points when talking to the Black Lives Matter Activist in an adult like conversation. She said “You cannot change peoples hearts” This is so true! You barging on stage and yelling is not going to make deep seated racist people change their ways.


Yes there has to be change in our communities. But we have to have a plan and this hunty isn’t working for me….


Books I’ve Read in July….

Okay so if I even make it to 75 books by the end of my challenge it will be a miracle! I’m only at 37!!!! I have been slacking so hard ya’ll 😦

But it’s the summer time!! I’m out enjoying myself! Who has time for books!! lol Anyhoo yet again this past month was filled with books that really weren’t that great! I’ve been trying to get into more AA authors and I’m just over urban fiction. I should just stick to mystery/crime/zombies and keep it moving.  Here are the 3 books I read in July…

3. Addicted With a Twist by Zane


From the Queen of Erotica, Zane’s “Addicted with a Twist “is the sequel to “Addicted,” her wildly popular novel about a married woman whose life spirals out of control when her three affairs lead her down a dark and twisted path, now a major motion picture distributed by Lionsgate.
Three years after the end of “Addicted,” Zoe and Jason Reynard are still married and raising their family together. But Zoe has a new “dirty little secret” that leaves her torn between being honest with her therapist, Dr. Marcella Spencer, and her mother–or continuing her forbidden hotel rendezvous with a man who calls himself “Orpheus.”
Has Zoe truly overcome her sexual addiction through the strength of her love for her husband and continued therapy? Or is she still jeopardizing everything and everyone she holds dear in order to satisfy her fantasies?

I Thought…

Okay I love Zane! I always have! She writes erotica and always has a great story behind it. Meaning if you take out all of the sex in most of her stories you will still have a great story.  Addicted was one of her most popular books and it is one of my favs by her (2nd only to nervous). But this joint right here? Waste of time! Thats really all I have to say about it lol


2. Something On the Side (Big Girls) by Carl Weber


“Meet Tammy, Egypt, Isis, Nikki, Coco, and Tiny-the bodacious women of the Big Girls Book Club. There’s only one rule to being a member. You must be at least a size 14…

BGBC president Tammy loves everything about her life-especially taking care of business for her husband, Tim. This year, she intends to top all his past birthdays by having a threesome with her best friend, Egypt. Now, if only Egypt will agree …

And then there’s Coco, who has a habit of messing around with married men. But now that she’s hooked up with a man who makes his living being every woman’s fantasy, all she cares about is making sure he doesn’t stray.

As insatiable about books as they are about love, these friends are about to discover how tough it is to keep it real when they all have something on the side.”

I Thought….

DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA…unrealsitic drama. lol But it’s Carl Weber what did I expect!


1.Broken Stories (Broken World 0.5) by Kate L. Mary


Broken Stories is a compilation of Short Stories and Novelettes that accompanies the Broken World Series. From California to Oklahoma, South Carolina and Colorado, readers will get a glimpse at what other people went through before, during and after the zombie virus outbreak.

Some of the characters featured in these stories have close ties to the main characters in the Broken World series, while others are brand new. It’s an emotional, intense and exciting look at how the zombie apocalypse has changed the world.”

I Thought….

Pretty good, not great because of the all of misplaced words. I mean was this book even proof read!? That’s how bad it was! It really took away from what could have been a good 4 star book.


Thats it folks! To see what i’m currently reading or about to read, check out my good read page here


Running Through the Dye with my Woes 

This past saturday my family and I ran walked our first 5k! We wanted to do something fun so we decided to try out one of those color runs we see everybody doing.

My dad being the goof troop he is decided he was going to wear this sheer white jumpsuit that people wear when they are painting houses. lol The temperature during the day was around 95 degrees so needless to say he decided to not run in his jumpsuit lol


I decided to keep it simple with my highlighter colored tank top and some black capris

He eventually decided on an unwanted polo and and unwanted hat

Before the race even got started people were throwing color lol


Once the race started, it got dark pretty fast.  It was a night run so our run time was 8:30 Pm.

They had these cool UV lights that really reflected the colors.
These fools really had a good time!


My over achieving boyfriend and his best friend finished the race in less than 20 minutes!


Overall it was so much fun and I can’t wait to do another one!









Miguel vs. Frank Ocean vs. The Weeknd

Okay I read the interview where Miguel had made the comment that he made better music than Frank Ocean. I believe this was in response to Frank Ocean winning that Grammy over him last year. Correct me if I’m wrong.

So I saw somebody ask who was better between Frank Ocean and Miguel. While scrolling through the comments I saw someone throw The Weeknd’s name into the ring as well.  I initially didn’t participate because I honestly didn’t know. I decided to pose this question on my Facebook page and got a lot of different responses.  I enjoy this because listening to other people’s points and opinions gives me much to think about when trying to decide whose music I actually enjoy more.

It seems like the general opinion likes Miguel, but I think this mostly because he just released an album last week. Which isn’t exactly fair because Frank Ocean and The Weeknd are supposedly putting out new albums this summer…

But I’ll work with what I have to try and figure out who exactly I like the most….

Frank Ocean (The Tortured Soul)


I am literally listening to channel orange right now! I LOVE THIS ALBUM!! He is a genius!! This man is so talented! Pyramids is one of my favorite songs of all time. The thing I like about Frank is his songs are so different. He is not afraid to sing about him falling in love with a man, or a girl, or whatever the hell he’s talking about.  You can tell he is speaking his truth and that just resonates with me… Rumors have it, he’s releasing a new album sometime this month. It’s supposedly titled “Boys don’t cry”

Miguel (New R&B)


Out of the three of these artists, I think Miguel is the closest to a traditional R&B artist.  He does have the best voice and his music is so catchy! Not to mention the lyrics! He has mastered the art of being raunchy without coming off as disrespectful! *Ques Pussy is mine* His second album Kaleidoscope Dream is everything!! EVERYTHING! Sadly I am not feeling his latest album as much but these things often grow on me so we’ll see.

The Weeknd (Emo R&B)


Okay so it took me a minute to get into The Weeknd but once I did I was hooked!! There is not a single song by him that I have not loved! And that’s saying a lot! Miguel is clearly the “sexy music” but I cannot lie and say the Weeknd’s music doesn’t take you there as well! Earned it, Wicked Games….whew  Enough said! His style is so original and different that it’s hypnotizing. If that makes sense.  Sadly though I have heard that he is not the greatest live performer. I guess I’ll find out at Made in America in September. His new album is titled “Beauty Behind The Madness” and babaaaeeee I can’t wait! August 28th!

See I say all of that to say I still don’t know who my favorite is lol Currently I think I would have to go with The Weeknd (at least until Frank drops another album and I give Miguel’s another listen) But nonetheless my summer will be amazing! Given that all 3 will have new albums out by September!

We’ll revisit this then lol


What do you think?