I’m Tryna figure out why this guy I use to date keeps invading my nightmares. Like every night for the past week I’ve had a nightmare and Darin was in it. We haven’t spoken in a long time and I have considered myself “over him” a while ago. It’s actually kind of annoying because I go through my days not really thinking of him or any of my pointless exes and then as soon as I lay down for my peaceful slumber BAM. His big head ass is right there in my dream. Oh no excuse me nightmare. Because it always involves one of the scenarios that would be mortifying with a old fling. Running into him and his new boo while I look a mess, me discovering he had a GF the entire time etc…and then I wake up pissed off, realize it was just a dream, and then I’m pissed off at myself for even being pissed off in the first place…makes sense? No? *le sigh*
I’m going back to sleep, hopefully minus the Darin dreams

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  1. I can relate to this 110 percent… this reminds me of this Beyonce song “Haunted”. I feel like my ex’s haunts my subconscious and I get mad at myself for allowing it. But I know if he is haunting me I have to be haunting him…

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