A lady never tells … and a gentleman can’t recall… BODY COUNTS.


When a girl tells you how many guys she slept with, multiply it by three and that’s the real number. When a guy tells you how many girls he slept with, divide by three and that’s the real number…

Ughhhhhhhh… this is such a touchy subject!

I honestly don’t understand why it matters!! I hate this question!! Someone asking me my body count is like asking for my social security number. Why does it matter? In our mid and late 20’s we all have a past. As a responsible sexually active young adult I get routine STD testing done so all you need to know is that I’m STD free.

My big issue with this question isn’t just the fact that it’s an invasion of privacy but also the double standard between men and women when it comes to this question.

O.k. peep this… while on a break one day with one of my male co-workers he explained to me that a woman’s pussy depreciates in value every time she is penetrated and a man’s dick only gets better every time he fucks. Like WTF… needless to say I was speechless. How is this fair??

Is there a suitable number for a 25 year old woman?

Most men can’t even recall the number of women they have slept with or announce it with pride. How is that respectable? But I’m less respectable because my number doesn’t fit the social norm…

Oh FYI I’m still waiting to find out how to calculate a suitable number…

At the end of the day the only thing you need to know is you won’t find me on porn hub and I’m STD free!

We all have a past and so I would rather focus on my future nut 😉

Safe sex and paychecks!!

Peace out boo ✌️



  1. In my opinion, I think most men ask for body count because they don’t want to be made a joke of or laughed at by the other dude(s) that done hit that. For example, most men brag, laugh and give details to they homeboys about what they did sexually to a female especially if he slutted her out, so of course when that guy sees the young lady he done slutted out kissing and hugging up on another guy, he is going to just laugh, taunt and make a joke out of the the guy the girl is kissing and hugging up on. Don’t NO MAN, want to be walking these streets with they lady and all of a sudden he see other niggaz pointing and laughing at him because they know the details of how their homeboy done slutted the girl out. Yeah us dudes can be petty and whatnot but that’s just in our nature.

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