I reserve the right to change my mind

So I just recently discovered this show called Girls on HBO and basically it’s about a bunch of chicks living in NY trying to figure out what to do with their lives. They have all graduated college and are around ages 23-25. So I figured I could possibly relate. Well for the most part I do, aside from the blatant lifestyle differences of course.

The main character Hannah has been sleeping with this guy for about 6 months and she wants more from him but is afraid to ask. Of course when she does say she doesn’t wanna be his eff buddy anymore he breaks it off šŸ˜‘ {SD-I hate men}

Any who they go back n forth for a few weeks and he finally asks her to be his GF. Good news right? So after them being officially a couple for just a little bit of time she all of sudden doesn’t want to be with him anymore


This irritated me sooooo much!! She did all the whining and crying about being in a relationship and when she got one she “changed her mind”. You cannot lead a person on like that and simple just change your mind when they start to catch feelings. Needless to say homeboy went a little crazy and started stalking her lol well at least that’s what he’s doing in the episode I’m currently watching, I guess I’ll keep you updated.

Anyway the moral of the story is if you go through hell and high water to get with somebody, you have lost the right to “change your mind”. You cannot play with people’s emotions and feelings like that and not expect a little crazy in return lmao

SD- this is not a biter Drew post lol trust me you will know one when you see it

2SD- although the dude Hannah was dating was superrrrr weird and looking at it now, she might not have so much changed her mind as she just came to her senses lol

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