Music Challenge


Name 6 songs that sum up your love life and quote one line from that song.

RaVaughn – Best Friend

“Cause’ I’m not your fuckin best friend
I’ve been sittin’ on this bench too long
While you’re playing with these
Basic fake chicks”

Drake – Brand New

“Feel like I’m in crazy competition with the past
that’s why I gotta ask… Is anything I’m doing brand new”

Raheem DeVaughn – B.o.B

“You need that real type of love (oh, oh, oh, oh, yeah)
That can’t be duplicated (I wanna serve you up)
“Your body needs to be loved (loved down)
The way that God made it
See B.O.B. can’t kiss those thighs (oh no)
B.O.B. can’t share your morning rise
B.O.B. can’t stay this hard
See I can go harder than him (I’ll go longer than him)
Longer than your Battery Operated Boyfriend”

Justine Skye – Hard Work

You ain’t gonna play my heart, just like all the ones before
You’re no good and I know, but I still want you
Play my heart, just like all the ones before
You’ll regret it

Mario – Like me Real Hard

“I’m not sayin’ that you should just
Rush and give me your heart
I’m just askin’ that you
Like me real hard”

Jill Scott So Gone

“He got that thickness, the kind that make you get up makin’ biscuits with breakfast, so gone
And I ain’t even thinkin’ bout the next chick, that he mess with, so reckless… so gone…”


  1. 1. Elle Varner not tonight
    2. Chrisette Michelle ima be okay
    3. John legend another again
    “So I’ve got a new friend
    I wish I could forget you
    But I miss you, wanna kiss you again”
    Sorry that’s all I can think of lol

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