Black women: TV’s number one side chick

Black women: TV’s number one side chick

Now everybody knows I love scandal!! If for no reason other than Olivia Pope has my dream job *well besides being the first mistress of the USA, but we’ll get into that later* I would loveeeeeee to work in crisis management! And to own my own firm on top of that!? Sign me up chuck!


Now what I don’t like is her being the presidents mistress. Oh but they’re in love you say, he doesn’t really love his wife you say. 😑😑 oh but when your boyfriends/husbands side chick sings the same song she’s a home-wrecker??

But I was willing to look past that because Olivia seemED to be really trying to sever that tie to Fitz.


Team jake!!

I don’t watch many shows staring black women. I hate reality TV and black women aren’t really the stars in the actions shows I enjoy (The walking dead, Spartacus etc) so I made scandal and being Mary Jane a priority.

Being Mary Jane had me hooked from the pilot. I love Gabrielle Union and I loved the concept behind the show. And plus she was a black women working in the communications field. But when the actual show premiered last week I was left a little disappointed.


During the pilot movie, she discovers the man she was dating is married. I felt horrible for her!! She refused to see him and avoided him the whole 2nd episode.

But of course his stalking her pays off and she ends up sleeping with him again. This when my sympathy runs short. Because at this point she was aware of the situation and chose to go ahead and sleep with him anyway.

“Side chicks” have always and will always be a issue. I do not appreciate turning on my TV to support my black actresses just for them to continue to portray mistresses. C’mon producers we have got to do better.

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  1. Yep you pretty much summed it up to the “T”!! In my opinion there aren’t many genuine female black role models on television. In the career department we are winning however in the love and relationship department we fall short. Please don’t get me started on reality TV… pure Fuckery ugh!! I swear the only black character on television that had it all together and was a great example of a black woman was Clair Hanks Huxtable. Married and had a great career

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