14 unrealistic goals I passionately want to accomplish in 2014 šŸ˜

1. I really want to be a burlesque dancer (seriously, I want to perform giving him something he can feel wearing Ciara’s body party outfit)

2. I want to be a size 6 but keep my butt (I know I know, but a girl can dream)
3. I want to buy a house
4. I want to have an amazing summer with a amazing man and fall deeply in love forever and ever šŸ˜šŸ˜©šŸ˜©

5. I want to be a zombie extra on the walking dead (I was going to say a gladiator extra on Spartacus but they took him from us)

6. I want to master bikram yoga
7. I want to teach bible study to teenagers (this has nothing to do with goal #1, I have an angel and devil on my shoulders)
8. I want to run an entire 5K
9. I want to go on a all inclusive trip to Mexico (I’m really going to try to do this though)
10. I want pretty little liars to end (not really a goal but they get on my nerves these days)
11. I want Raheem DeVaughn to sing mo better to me šŸ˜

12. I want to live with a really attractive platonic male friend
13. I want all of my friends to finally read daughter of smoke and bone so that their lives can be changed also
14. And finally! I want to pay back my mom all the money I owe her lol

*totally unrelated but “I love this shit” remix is currently playing and I swear it makes me want to get a blonde weave down to my butt and twerk like my tuition depended on it.


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