Recap of Being Mary Jane, girls night in

Okay so what is going through Andre’s mind!? How the hell are you going to propose to Mary Jane when you and your wife haven’t even had a discussion about your infidelity yet?
But I loved her tuning out all of his BS . And did you all notice that when she turned to leave he says “I have to tell my wife something tonight” so basically if Mary Jane turns down his proposal he’ll go ahead and stay where he is?!

Now I have a lot of sympathy for Avery (Andre’s wife) but when she came up with that infidelity contract I believe she was setting herself up for the let down. She should have gave him that contract BEFORE they were married so by now she could have been set SMH.
Anyway Andre mailed Mary Jane the engagement ring and you can see her start to entertain the idea. Oh but trust me the rest of the episode shuts that down. From her daddy/daughter date (I loveddddd her dress BTW) to the girls night at her place. She starts to realize the effect her actions might have on the people who love her. And at the end of the episode, she sends Andre a series of text saying she wants to talk. But he doesn’t answer, BECAUSE HE’S HAVING SEX WITH HIS WIFE. Mary Jane that was a first hand experience of being a side chick. He claims he loves her so much, but looked at his phone, saw it was her and still ignored her.

This show is making me not like men lol
Random thoughts
*Mary Janes niece irritates me with her immature nativity. Duh this boy isn’t going to be there for another baby!
*I like the sticky note idea with the inspirational quotes


  1. I’ve always had mixed feelings when it comes to this show just b/c I’ve played this role before..*sigh*
    Mary Jane is in love with a married man…how many of us can say we know what that feels like??? Not many
    Although she knows it’s wrong when your dumbass heart is telling you one thing and your weak ass mind is saying something…you’re left looking dumb..
    I’ve learned whenever you back a man into a corner they’ll do any and everything to get out of that corner b/c they don’t feel like they’re in control..
    Avery “tried” to back Andrea in a corner but he was to smart for that dumb shit and even if he did sign the paper their marriage would still be over..
    On a lighter note (why did the stripper stay for girl talk) #ididntseeanymoneythrownathim #sideeye
    Or what about the chick who bought her own wedding ring b/c she thought the one her man bought her wasn’t good enough #bitchsbelike
    But never the less I’m excited about the season of Being Mary Jane…. It shows us that as women we sometime forget our worth…and allow ourselves to accept things that we know isn’t worth our time….

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