Green eyes: maybe the greatest heart break song ever written


If you haven’t heard Erykah Badu’s green eyes then stop what you’re doing and go listen. This was the last song on her album mamas gun which was her greatest album to date. I enjoy almost every track on the album but when my younger self heard green eyes, I had goosebumps.

Keep in mind that at the time I was only 11 and did not yet speak this language of love. I had no idea what it felt like to go through these stages of a break up, and yet it spoke to me.

Now at 25, I believe I could have written this song myself. Erykah badu has communicated every emotion that is felt after a break up and if you cannot relate then you are a liar or have just never truly been in love.

The first section of the song is titles “denial”. This is where she denies being affected by her old boyfriends new love. You know when our friends ask us how we feel about his new boo? And we respond with something similar to her lyrics “I don’t care, I swear I’m too through with you, I am. You don’t mean nothing to me, so go ahead and be with your friend”

The second section titled acceptance is where she drops the fake pretense that everything is ok and admits her true contradicting feelings. “I’m insecure, but I can’t help it, my mind says move on…my heart lags behind. But I don’t love you anymore I’m so insecure never knew that love did this.”

The third section is usually where I start crying lol (don’t judge me) this is where her feelings of rejection and abandonment come foward ” never knew that love could hurt like this, never thought I would but I got dissed, makes me feel so sad and hurt inside feel embarrassed so I want to hide”

By this point she’s asking him “just make love to me, just one more time and then you’ll see” and almost immediately she hears the desperation in her words. “I can’t believe I made a desperate plea, what’s with me?”

Ill stop there, I think you get the hint of just how contradicting our emotions can be when were faced with loosing love. Have you heard the song? Did it appeal to you the same way?


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