George Zimmerman isn’t the only one who killed Trayvon…

Although he is the one who pulled the trigger trust me, he did not act alone. He had the assistance of every young black man who ever contributed to this ugly stereostype that they are always up to no good. I see the other conspirators daily when I’m riding the train or walking down the street. Other young black men around Trayvon’s age who aren’t just minding their business as Trayvon was doing. They are harassing people, and are loud, rude and obnoxious. For me being a young black woman, I am more so disgusted than afraid of them. But for other races who aren’t as familiar, I can see how they can be afraid of them.


This isn’t the case for all of our young black men. I’m not saying that Trayvon wasn’t one of these stereotypes because I did not know him personally, but I do not believe he was one of them that night. Stereotypes of our youth is what killed him that night. Because of how so many young black men conduct themselves George Zimmerman assumed that Trayvon couldn’t have possibly have any good intentions.


And then of course not too long after zimmerman’s not guilty verdict did we see the evidence of these stereotypes. Christopher Lane was jogging and minding his business when he was shot in the back for no other reason besides these young men being bored. Two of whom were black BTW.


And we have the nerve to wonder where these stereotypes come from?! Gandhi said “be the change you want see”. You want see a stop to young black men being murdered for no reason? Well stop killing young black men for no reason. We have to got to stop allowing chief keef to be the leader of our youth.

Lets become the leaders and mentors and maybe then we can stop losing our innocence to violence.


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