My favorite YouTube shows

 I swear some YouTube videos are better than what’s on television and is a better reflection or depiction of my life and peepers. Here is a list of my favorite YouTube channels or series. I hope this encourages you to check them out too!!

Issa Rae Productions

Has some of the best African American series on this channel

  • The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl
  • Roomie Lover Friends
  • VLOG: Ratchet Piece Theatre

 151,883 Subscribers 18,794,279 Views Joined Oct 19, 2006



Dormatainment TV  

6 guys, 3 rooms, 1 Honda

Some of the funniest dudes EVER and they do music too!

644,330 Subscribers 78,113,670 Views Joined Jul 1, 2011



Ladies if you want a raw insight into a man’s point of view check out his channel.

680,783 Subscribers 102,568,974 Views Joined Feb 24, 2009



The Notorious KIA

I love this woman’s channel hands down the queen of DIY. 

98,641 Subscribers 4,787,048 Views Joined Sep 28, 2011



The LaVigne Life

This channel is a breath of fresh air. I love their family. Watch one video and you’ll fall in love with baby Jerry. 

147,497 Subscribers 2,961,565 Views Joined Jun 3, 2013



Please feel free to share your favorite YouTube series or channels?  


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