Being Mary Jane recap: How the Huxtables have fallen

the truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just have to find the ones worth suffering for.

Sigh where do I begin with this heartbreaking episode? Mary Jane is still sleeping with Andre and he’s still married….but this time her brother catches her and tells her about herself.

Mary Jane knows she’s wrong which is probably why she gets so upset at Andre after they finish having sex. Her brother calls her an addict and he
couldn’t have been more correct.

Mary Jane has some void and she’s using Andre to fill it. Either way I’m excited we got to see Omari Hardwicks body tonight!! 😍😍


This whole being in love excuse that’s she’s using every week is getting old! The truth is she’s afraid to end up like that lady who died at home and wasn’t discovered for 3 years! She’s afraid of being alone.

The rest of the episode was kind of boring….I don’t really care about her job lol but things pick up when she calls big bro for some fellow addict advice

He takes her to their aunt’s house and she starts to realize that being around your family is a great distraction from your addiction. I loved the scene of Patrick and Mary Jane outside his old club, with positive talk of the future and them both beating their addictions.

Well 3 min later he’s back to snorting coke and she’s cuddled up with Andre. So much for happy endings πŸ˜•

Lets see what disappointments await us next week


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