State of the union: the young black educated version!

Obama spoke on a lot of issues that concern me directly. And honestly he is the first president to do so. My main concern/issue with this country is that they encourage you to go to college, and get this so called “higher education” so you can get a higher paying job. But what they didn’t tell us is that after you graduate, all the “higher paying” jobs are taken by those who didn’t go to school and instead worked their way up. Because nowadays let’s be honest, employers don’t want education, they want experience.


And of course we are at a disadvantage there. On another but totally related note: the pathways program. I was excited when I learned that Obama created the pathway program just for people like me! But there is one MAJOR flaw with this program: veterans preference.

Now I’m going to take a step back here and explain pathways and veterans preference. Pathways is a program designed by the Obama administration to assist college students and recent grads in landing an entry level position with various government agencies. Now say if you are a veteran, you automatically get put to the “top of the list” so to speak, on all government job postings. Now this I don’t have a problem with. They have served our country and deserve to be able to find a good paying government job. But with all due respect the pathways program was supposed to be for US!!!


Us! The young people who believed the American dream starts with a 4 year education and a shit load of debt! And now qualified college educated candidates aren’t even getting interviews because a veteran applied for the same job.

This really use to bother me, but no so much anymore. Because my debt is the country’s debt. And if I cannot find a job that’s sufficient enough, it won’t be getting paid lol I guess nows the time to revisit this road map to the American dream….


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