George Zimmerman 2, Black People 0

I just couldn’t hold it in anymore! Picture this!

Your teenage son/brother/cousin is killed for being black and walking down the street. His murderer isn’t charged for over a month and when he is charged and tried he is found not guilty.

Afterwards he is constantly in the media for various incidents the latest of which is a celebrity boxing match!!! Yes the man who killed your loved one and walked away Scott free is going to be in a celebrity boxing match!! The masses are rejoicing! Finally they cry out! Some justice!!

You all make me sick!!!!Trayvon Martin is dead and we make his killer a celebrity!? You cannot be serious!!! Why are we even supporting this!? Ok so what if he does get “beat up”? What then? Will that honestly make you feel better?

Maybe I’m by myself here…I for one will not support this. In honor of my future sons and all of the young black men of America I will not pretend that this is some sort of “gratification” for murder. It is not ok to murder someone and become a celebrity.

This has set us back 40 years….



Update!! Sign a petition to stop this!! Here


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