Being Mary Jane Recap:Mixed Messages

a woman must not depend upon the protection of man, but must be taught to protect herself

Well I felt a bunch of emotions tonight so I’ll just try to go in order lol
I am proud of the many FB statuses and tweets I’m seeing about people tired of black women being side chicks! Whew so it’s not just me!?

Anyway on to the show!
Mary Jane is out partying trying to set up her booty call with Andre for the night. But he’s having a family night and can’t get away. Does MJ ever get tired of that???
Avery (Andre’s wife) decides she’s going to put some effort into their sex life and starts giving him head while placing a pillow on his stomach for support!!! Lmfaooooooooo I died laughing!!! Now wait here’s the best dialogue of the entire show!

Andre: hey you’re gonna pull it out of the socket what are you doing
Avery: I’m trying to wake you up with head isn’t that what you wanted
Andre: your using a pillow
Avery: well my neck hurts

Lmao that was so funny!! Omg! But anyway Mary Jane meets Wayne Brady online and they go out for dinner where she is being extremely rude! On her phone the entire time talking to literally everybody. He politely excuses himself and they reschedule. He’s a good one lol or crazy hmmm she did meet him online

Mary Janes psycho momma is getting on my last nerves!!! Idk about y’all but to me accusing somebody of theft is a serious accusation! When she knew that her old ass “lost” her bracelet on purpose! SMH

Back to the good stuff! So Mary Jane and Avery end up at some banquet brunch thing together and all types of shade is thrown! When Mary Jane goes up to the stage to make her speech, she gives a speech about how being #2 can be better than being #1. Wait did y’all hear me!? SHE GAVE A SPEECH TO A BUNCH OF YOUNG WOMEN ABOUT THE BENEFITS OF BEING A SIDE CHICK

I wanted to reach through my TV and smack her!! I also wanted to smack all the ppl on twitter who were like “yes girl, tell her” no no no NO! Bad Mary Jane!

Well after a intense therapy session with his wife, Andre decides that’s it time to make a decision! He drives to Mary Janes house and tells her he’s filing for divorce!
Ta Da
The End

*until next week when her ex David makes a comeback*


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