Dear ex lover(the imaginary ego)

I’m sorry for allowing you to believe you were great. I set you up for failure. We “broke up” because you wanted to date other women. The only problem was, there weren’t any other women! Lmao I really had you believing that you were thee shit! And at the time I thought it was my job as “your significant other” to fill you up with compliments and make you feel good. I lifted you up only for reality to drop you on your ass. Eventually you realized that I had been lying to you….and what did you do? Try to come back to this place where your ego had swelled, well sorry that place is non existent because I realized just how wrong I was.

It’s our job to make our men feel appreciated and loved. But it’s also our job to be honest, I was not honest with you and for that I apologize. I could have helped you reach your potential but I crippled you instead.

So so Sorry


Do you have a letter you want to write to a ex or old flame? Just to get it off your chest or maybe send it for real….Let us hear it! Email us at



  1. Dear ex lover,
    I don’t know how I keep getting myself in these situations when I end up the one hurt. I know what it is, the charming smile, the bomb sex and the ability to wear that mask that you can’t do anything wrong. The blindness or the fact that I didn’t want you to be like the other guys in my past. But as time when on all I could see was every face of the dudes from my past. The charming smile that use to make me weak, started to make me walk away faster, the sex that was mind blowing, started to be quicker and quicker, and the mask that I couldn’t see threw became clearer and it show every dude that is not any good and all I can say is Thank you for letting your real colors show.
    With that being saying Ex-Lover Thank you for not letting me waste anymore years on a lame ass man.
    That chick you will always dream about!!

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