the Good… the Bad… the Ugly and the Fuckery… Online Dating



What can I say about online dating … It’s not for everybody?  The rumor going around is that online dating is socially acceptable but it never set well with me telling my friends or family “oh we met online” it’s like damn has it come to this? After trying online dating and deactivating and reactivating my page a few times I can conclude that online is kinda a cop out. This is solely based off my experiences because base of the commercials people have found their “soul mate”. The concept of online dating is what I found so intriguing. You sit behind a computer screen and with your pajamas with the bonnet and answer a few questions that should sum up your ideal mate. But the questions are just bullshit because the only thing that really matters is the profile pictures. Your pictures can make or break your chance of someone sending you a message. I’ve meet some … really unique people. Online dating was a great way for me to step out my comfort zone. I believe there is a lesson to be learned in everything I do. What I have taken from this experience is that I know what I like and I can carry a conversation with anyone from any walk of life. 


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