5 Make Up DON’Ts

The Mask Face 



A quick solution to overcome this makeup don’t, is make sure to blend down to your neck and your chest area if wearing a sleeveless dress or blouse. 


Boxed Brows



Now as defined as you may want your brows, this is not the look to go for. We are not in the 90’s anymore. Make sure to take your finger or a lash brush to the inner brow corners to blend out that box shape. It will instantly create a more natural look. 


Conceal Not Reveal 



In no way is it ever “in season” to leave your concealer showing for a brow sculpts. Please, Please, Please remember to blend, blend, and blend!

The Wicked Witch 


When you’re done with a night on the town and you come out the club like this…no Buenos. Ways to overcome this deathly makeup don’t, is to use a matte foundation and set with a powder. For those really long nights keep a small buffer brush in your bag and use throughout the night. I bet by the end, your face will still sit pretty. 


Kindergarten Barbie 



Don’t you dare come out the house looking like your little sister did your makeup.  Your eyes and brows define your face. Remember that! If you want one color that’s fine, just don’t go pass your lid or its going to look like your surprised all day. If you’re feeling adventurous and want to user more than one color remember light medium and dark (light = brow bone, medium = lid, dark = crease)


For more quick on the go tips check out my IG @ Alejandro_Rose or check out my website www.alejandrorose.com

Peace and Love! 



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