Being Mary Jane Recap: Exposed


I love David! I love him!! I love him!

Ok so on to the recap lol

A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new

Andre is really leaving Audrey! Yay for you Mary Jane you may actually graduate from side chick to full time GF! Just remember that side chick position is now open!
So Andre can’t move into his new place for another month, so guess where he is staying in the mean time?? Yep you guessed it!! With Mary Jane! That is a set up if I ever seen one!!

So on to the family drama! I officially do not like mom!! She is petty and shallow and I cannot believe the big deal she made about a damn table when she barely leaves the house!! And She sure did indeed pimp her husband out for that table. But I did like how she went to get her man when he was doing too much at the gala!

Speaking of Gala, it’s funny how Mary Jane “won” but still has side chick rules about being seen in public together! Hmph but David was there! 😍😍😍

The family loves him, he ALWAYS has her back and he’s honest…which is what Mary Jane has a problem with…everytime David is honest with her she gets upset and shuts him out. Andre lied to her and now they’re shacking up…women don’t like the truth

But I really wanted to see David and Mary Jane together….but now he’s dating someone new


And did you all see her reaction to that news!!!?? She was devastated!! And then something clicked for me! David is that void that she’s trying to feel with Andre! That’s what her brother said a few episodes ago…that he was filling some void and now it all makes sense…

Until next week lovely people!


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