Valentine’s Day Past


Valentine’s Day right around the corner and me being as single as a dollar bill I’ve been trying to keep a positive outlook on everything. So I started to reminisce on Valentine’s Day past. Guess what they weren’t all bad! But the one that stood out to me the most was 11th grade year. Oh life was so simple back then. I guess this was such a great Valentine’s Day because I had no expectations. I had planned on sending myself a few candy grams like I had in the past and write something corny on them and have them delivered to my homeroom class.  I was sixteen and never been on a date. So this Valentine’s Day would be my first date as will. One of my classmate who seat me behind me in Biology class (doesn’t it sound like a movie already?) ask me to be his valentine. We’ve been friends for a minute and I kinda had a feeling he like me. So we went to the movies to see one of them Tyler Perry’s movies I can’t remember which one and it wasn’t like we was paying much attention to the movie if you know what I’m saying …(*wink wink*) . I do remember my parents and sister dropping me off (awkward) but that’s how my parents roll. My date didn’t miss a beat he had gift for my whole family. He got big brownie points for that. That following Monday another one male friends who I had no idea even like me until he  stop me in the hall between classes and handed me a gift bag and in the gift bag was teddy bear, chocolates and a card. The teddy bear match the bag which I thought was really nice how everything coordinated. So that’s my best Valentine’s Day … to be young again.

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