Open Season

Many of you are now familiar with the Micheal Dunn case and he was just found guilty on 3 counts of 2nd degree attempted murder and firing a weapon. Because of the mandatory minimum law in Florida, he will serve 20 years for each count of attempted murder *google Marissa Alexander*


So 20 X 3 means he will serve at least 60 years in jail. To some this may come as justice but to me it’s not! On the charge of murder it was deemed a mistrial and he has to be charged again. Now if you aren’t familiar with what exactly he did then this may not be the article for you. My question is how much is a young black mans life worth? I haven’t been following on every race related murder but for the few I have been current on has literally made me sick.


When is enough going to be enough? It is obvious that it is open season on our black men! You might argue that they have been killing each other for years. And you are correct, but when “we” kill another one of “us” we go to jail for it. The same cannot be said if someone of another race is the one pulling the trigger….


This system was not made for us so we have got to work extra hard to change it! You do not have to go out and rally the masses but lets start by registering to vote and then actually voting in our local elections. Research these people that we put into office. People are asking Florida Prosecutor Angela Corey to resign. But she wasnt placed there, she was elected.


Change starts with us….if we don’t protect our young black men who will!
Happy Black History Month!


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