A funny conversation with God

So I know we have been on a little break and people were wondering about us! We needed some time to gather our thoughts to provide some quality stuff for you all 😊

I had been praying for certain changes in my life (career, relationship, friends, etc) and it looks like everything is finally coming together….

I finally received an offer from a gov agency….and I love my part time job, so the only area that needed work was my love life….
This is where the post really starts lol

Looking back, when I prayed on my situations….he gave me an answer every time. I would ignore it and in turn get my feelings hurt….

So after taking a break from the dating scene I decided I was mature enough finally to pursue my romantic goals lol


So I was Lowkey Tryna get noticed by this guy I went to high school with via social media lol it was not working! Moving on I began “talking” to a male friend of mine! (I knew it was a bad idea at the time)

We weren’t dating, just kind of hanging out….I really enjoyed his company but I knew he wasn’t the type that I could be in a long term relationship with. But I liked him so I was confused lol

So the guy I had been cyber stalking finally got the hint and sent me a FB message lol we began chatting and after about a week I realized I liked him more. I felt kind of bad because I don’t like talking to more than 1 guy at time…
So I prayed on it one Saturday afternoon….

And long behold God answered me a hour later lol come to find out my “friend” had decided to get back with his ex and put it all over IG. So not only did I see what kind of person he really was, he made my life that much easier lol

Look at God!
Won’t he do it




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