Why men get friend zoned!

So in my years of dating, relationships and friendships I have noticed the frustration that men have with being placed in the friend zone…..


So after consulting a few close friends and twitter, I’ve come up with a few reasons why men get put into the friend zone πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜€
For guys who always find themselves in this predicament hope this helps:

1. Not aggressive/assertiveness
I’m not saying turn into Ike Turner, but if you never say what your intentions are how is she supposed to know?
2. Being passive aggressive
This is kind of a piggy back from number 1, but what’s even more annoying than not saying your true intentions is making wounded remarks such as but not limited to: “if you had a real man etc”…or sending indirect messages via social networks also known as subtweeting.
3. Had your chance and blew it
Now this one is kind of rare, because usually if you blow it with a female that’s it…but you are given the opportunity to remain cordial, trust me the friend zone is as good as it gets for you….


1 Comment

  1. So…basically, what this boils down is that men are somehow expected to magically divine how assertive and/or passive aggressive they should be with each unique woman they’re interested in? Really? Not all women are into aggressive men, just like not all women are into the passive aggressive thing. So how is a man supposed to figure out which one applies to an individual woman? Seems like we’re just being set up for failure. “Be aggressive, but not TOO aggressive” is a standard that exists solely in your head and varies completely from person to person.

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