Black men! Are you working hard or hardly working!?

*Disclaimer* This is my personal opinion based on my personal experiences!

Now that we have that out the way!

Every morning I wake up and check my social media (as I’m sure most of us do) so I usually see the same type of post “they sleep, I grind”
“Rise and grind”
“Wake up and go to the morning”
And I started thinking to myself “wow our generation really is motivated”
A few times I would giggle because a few of these ppl I would know for a fact didn’t have a job lol
But nonetheless I had no reason to believe that these young motivated black men could be lying. To be honest I never really worked with young black men before. I mean in high school but I’m not counting that. So a few months ago I started working at a certain retail store and a few of my co workers were black men around my age. So I said ok let’s see how much grind season really works lol
At first everybody was giving 100, it was a great environment and I was so proud of “us”. But as time we went on I saw that “rise and grind” wasnt as true as they would have people believe.


Now if this is just a side gig, I understand. But I was raised that you handle yourself professionally regardless. And I admit I do hold black men and women to a higher standard because it really is that much harder for us.

If you are so determined to “make money” why are you calling out? Not showing up? Quitting without giving a notice? And then wonder why it is difficult for jobs to take us serious. Just something to think about next time you decide you’re not going to work just because you don’t like your manager.

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