Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Recap

So I usually don’t watch ratchet reality TV but I do enjoy love and hip hop atl. Here are my thoughts and reactions to last nights premier episode….

Somebody suggested Stevie j house is rented, and I believe them….
I know they are making bank from the show but idkkkkkk

Wocka is the biggest celebrity that has been on love n hip hop! Mona Scott better portray his story right!! His fiancé
Tammy is so pretty!! She seems naive tho and I feel like we seen this story line before…but hey they have my attention for now

Scrappy is fat!! N Bambi is a hoe Tryna come up! Did he miss the episode when she was in the hot tub with benzino!?

Mimi is a jealous ex GF why are u looking for a marriage certificate!! if you really don’t care why do the research on stevie J marriage??
Also Mimi is too old for a damn sex tape. N her fake surprise to it being leaked was the worst!! How u mad about a sextape but the first concern is what Stevie is gonna think!? How about your daughter!!!?!?
She is the worst actress and I can’t stand her. She’s so juvenile!

Deb is scary as shit! 😳😳I hope we see more of her this season

Mama Dee will forever be the queen of nothing but ratchet… n scrappy should have checked her for calling his girl a hoe (although it’s true)
I understand kirks problem wit rashida mom kissing baby carter on the mouth but that was not handled correctly!! My momma woulda swung

Now this bday party…I like Stevie J and Joseline together…Erica n arianne were wrong for questioning their marriage at their partyDon’t question my damn marriage especially when u don’t have one of your own! And don’t come to my bday party askin all them questions. N Mimi is toooooo salty!!! Sending that ratchet ass stripper pole

Mmmm can’t wait for tomorrow! We get 2 doses of ratchet this week lol


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