Love and Hip Hop ATL season 3, episode 2 recap

I just find it funny how Stevie and Joseline have something to say about Mimi but Stevie and joseline both have tapes. That meeting between Mimi and Stevie J was the funniest thing! She tried to be childish and get physical but Stevie got her ass. “Ima have my chick handle you” woooo hoo lmao

Stevie J had the best line of the episode when he told Nikko “nobody wanna see my baby mother she 50”

But I guess I do have to talk about the other people on the show

so here we go:

I swear I forget karlie’s name every time I see her. Young Joc must be doing bad to be with her. Karlie needs to check her insecurities why did she roll up on young joc like that in magic city!? granted he was caught taking a body shot off the stripper lol n I agree he shouldn’t be “touching” the strippers. But she shouldn’t be having relationship talk with a drunk nigga in the strip club. Idk how this living together gonna work out for them….

Mimi swears she’s so mad about her tape but yet she’s flying to LA to meet with that porn producer! it’s too obvious that Nikko gave that tape to that porn company. Now Mimi is Tryna justify her decision to her friends. That’s how you know she knows she’s wrongs. N she got so defensive! Arianne is telling her the truth, he ain’t it.

Mama Dee is out of line and I’m happy scrappy is at least trying to check her.

Now on to Kirk


Kirk sounds so stupid!! Benzino starts speaking the truth! These “New social media chicks” wont have anything for you! Kirk is questioning his child’s DNS because his wife is attractive!? He said hes dark skin and baby Carter is light skin? So Kirk is ignoring the fact that their first son is light skin too lol

What’s up wit scrappy being the texting type ex?? Erica is the only one who seems to not be acting. Poor scrappy is so hurt over not being with Erica. He shoulda acted right and he coulda been happily married. Well it’s partly his momma fault too lol
But Scrappy gets himself into the same situations over n over! Oh this new chick Arica your home girl huh? Just like that last girl what was her name??



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