Oldie but Goodie Song Review…“No Pain, No Gain”

I wanted to do a review of a song I’d heard recently. The song “No Pain, No Gain” isn’t a new song by any means. It was released in 1988 and was sung by Betty Wright. The song made me think of my past relationships. After some self-evaluating I concluded a while ago that I’ve confused loyalty with stupidity in past relationships. However, after listening to this song I had to sit and think for a moment. In this song Ms. Wright sings about how you have to go through some things with your man and the role women should play in their relationship. Mind you, this song was released in the late 80’s and the dating scene and relationships have mutated into an entirely different kinda beast; that is why I’m not sure if I would try to incorporate all the lyrics into my dating life.

A verse that stood out

“We’re all entitled to make a mistake
we got to prepare for some heartbreak
I was earnin’ my man, while I was learnin’ my man
something you young girls might not understand”

I can honestly say I sat for a minute and really thought about that one line “I was earnin’ my man, while I was learnin’ my man” I’ve always assumed the more bullshit I endured with a man the stronger our bond. Is that what this verse means? Although I endured a lot with them and may have earned something more today I have nothing to show for these relationships besides life lessons. So my question is when do you let go and let God because a wise woman knows when to bow out. Do you agree with the song? Do you think this song can relate to today’s relationships and dating?


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