Who has the problem: Willow Smith, Her Parents, or Our Society??




I know I know I knowwwww I’m late!! But there has been so much going on that I am literally months behind with some of my post so bear with me 
When this picture first surfaced people were outraged! Facebook statuses popped up all over the place about how inappropriate this was. I am not going to lie, I was one of them. What is 20 year old Moises Arias doing laying in bed with 13 year old Willow Smith!?!? I saw the headline before I saw the picture and honestly I expected much worst. But that’s neither here nor there. I honestly didn’t think too much of it at first.

It was Jada’s response that got me thinking. She called all of us perverts and said we should be ashamed of ourselves. And you know what? I agree. Our society has been damaged beyond repair with pedophiles, child sex rings, & inappropriate relationships between children and adults that we are now crying wolf. We saw a girl, a shirtless man, and a bed and immediately assumed it was something inappropriate because that is what we are conditioned to believe is a red flag. What if it was a couch instead of a bed? Or what is he had a shirt on? What if they were outside instead of inside? Would any of this matter or is it his age that is the problem?

There are so many unknown details. Who took the picture? This indicates that there was at least one other person in the room. Will and Jada have already confirmed that Willow and Jayden both hang out with the Arias family regularly, so who’s to say that this wasn’t another hangout session? What I’m saying is that we shouldn’t be so quick to judge and label something as “sexual”. EVERYTHING IS NOT SEXUAL!! Some of us actually just hang out without it being a sexual matter.

With that being said, let the Smith’s raise their family the way they see fit. Nobody judges you for sending your kids to pick up your cigarettes lol Yall knew the Smiths were unorthodox.

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  1. This blog had me thinking. I agree with you today’s society is very “sexually driven.” When I first saw the picture I automatically thought that it was wrong and it looked odd that a guy is shirtless in a bed with a young female. What if it was in a backyard or sitting on a porch? People would think a totally different thing even if they sat right next to eachother on a porch. It’s their parenting style tho and I have talked to kids in middle school (school counseling) who are sexually active with a “norm parenting style” so let them raise their kids. My opinion lol Interesting blog

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