Bill Cosby: Did He or Didn’t He?


Okay so after some research, I decided I would finally sit down and force myself to form an opinion. I will say this, our society has a bad habit of “victim blaming”. But the truth is sometimes women DO place themselves in compromising situations that could have been avoided, nonetheless NO means NO.

Okay with that being said: I find it hard to automatically find Bill Cosby guilty of all of these accusations. And to be clear I NEVER LIKED BILL COSBY! But fair is fair

The media is reporting that 23 women are accusing Bill Cosby of rape which is NOT true. A few of them are claiming attempted rape or other sexual misconduct.

Carla Ferrigno says that he kissed her, without her consent -_-. Really?? and all these years later you provide this grand piece of information because “…I am just one more person who puts the nail in his coffin” Via her CNN interview. Which I find suspicious

Judy Huth claims she was molested at the Playboy Mansion in 1974 but didn’t remember her abuse until recently (how convenient) and is now pressing charges.

Barbara Bowman claims she was raped and assaulted a number of different times. He “flew her to a number of major cities”. If a man raped you, why would you go and see him after that, multiple times?

Wait and then there’s Beth Ferrier who says Bill raped her and then they begin to HAVE A CONSENSUAL ON AND OFF RELATIONSHIP. *Scratches head* umm WHAT! This man RAPED you and now you date him????



Janice Dickinson, no need to get into the story here.

But the tragedy here is, aside from these unbelievable stories are women who could actually be telling the truth. If only they would have gone to hospital and had a rape kit done, he would be in jail. I don’t want to hear any argument about his so called influence because honestly in the 1960’s-1980’s I refuse to believe that a black man can rape this many white women and just get away with it. Especially if you have DNA evidence.

But NOT ONE of them did that….not a single one thought to go to the hospital and get checked out…it just makes me wonder why now? When it’s nothing legally that can be done?


*End Rant*


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