Lets Get Some Things Straight About Sorority Sisters Protest

Okay so I have been reading numerous Facebook post, blogs, and other articles concerning the protest/boycott of Vh1’s new show “Sorority Sisters”. At first, I felt that I had no reason to comment because I am an Inactive member of DST and I also watch Love and Hip Hop. But since everybody seems to have these random opinions I guess I’ll throw my two cents in as well….

Let’s get something straight: BGLO’S DO NOT CONSIDER THEMSELVES “THE ELITE”!! As a whole we do not consider ourselves better than anybody and if you have encountered a member who acts like that, they are acting on their own accord.

I just finished reading this article about how people should be just as angry and upset about Scandal and Love and Hip Hop. Clearly the author seemed bitter but that’s neither here nor there. People are angry about Love and Hip Hop but those women go on those shows representing themselves. It may be assumed by people unfamiliar with the black community that they are a representation of black women but that is not their intent.

Now the difference here is, BGLO’s were created to provide support and uplift to our communities while creating a sisterhood/brotherhood. Yes we have a few bad seeds but who doesn’t? VH1 and these “sorors” crossed the line when they decided to do a TV show in the name of Delta/AKA/Zeta/SGRho without the members consent.

And because of this blatant disrespect I will no longer watch Love and Hip Hop or any other demeaning reality TV show. I never really watched them anyway (I’m more of a Walking Dead girl)

Meanwhile here is a list of advertisers who have pulled their Ads from the show.



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