Being Mary Jane, Last Night’s Episode(3/31/15)….



(Picture cred, DDotOmen)

So I have many different thoughts and feels from last night’s episode so I’ll list them before I go into the one that I’ve decided to expand on…

Before I even get into my list! Is Sheldon the real MVP or what?! I am loving this man for her!


  1. Mary Jane seems to consistently lash out at her female friends and at this point I dont understand how Val is still friends with her


  1. Her Eff buddy maybe some nice eye candy but he CLEARLY is not the one to have these late night convo’s with…where’s Sheldon when you need him?


  1. Mary Jane MUST be a Virgo! That whole take care of everybody but nobody is there for me thing has Virgo written all over it.


  1. That panel was ON POINT! We as black women fight to death for our men but when it comes time for it to reciprocated, hmph. That’s a whole ‘nother post!


And what I want to talk about…


  1. Patrick should definitely get full custody of his daughter


Not too long ago it was in the news that Ludacris had just been granted full custody of his daughter. What I was surprised about however, was all of the negative backlash he was getting from females on my Facebook feed. “A child should never be without their mother…” Now most of these women were mothers so I’m sure they took it personal. But what if the father actually is the better parent? Also what makes you the better parent just because you are the mother?


Me and my best friend got into a debate because Ludacris apparently asked his baby mother to get an abortion. She, along with many other women, thinks because of that he should not have full custody.  I don’t think that’s fair….how many women have wanted to at first get an abortion and then changed their mind? Do they not deserve full custody because of that? No. We do not know the details of this particular situation but maybe he knew that she wasn’t stable (financially or otherwise) enough to support a child? All of this was as a result of her asking him for more child support.


Yes he might have gotten full custody just because he didn’t want to pay her, but as a parent if you’re constantly asking for more money don’t be surprised when the other parent asks for custody. If you think about it, they might have a strong case just by claiming that you aren’t financially stable. All of this comes as a result of gold diggers having babies just for profit. It’s unfortunate however, that many GOOD mothers can lose custody just because they don’t have as much money…..





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