Religious Freedom and Gay Rights and Christianity

I know that’s a lot in the title, but they all tie into one another. This is something that has weighed heavy on my heart for some time now and what day better than Good Friday to discuss these touchy subjects.

I’d figured that I’ll just go down the list with my 2 cents to each (y’all know I love list)

*Religious Freedom and Gay Rights*

Okay so I won’t go into too many details in regards to this actual law because they are soooo many different components. But what I have noticed is a lack of religious freedom. People should not be forced to alter their personal religious beliefs because it hurts someones feelings. If a very religious person states that they do not “like” gay people they shouldn’t be boycotted against and etc. Now the difference here is the word like.


Lets take for example the CEO of ChickFil-a. He said that he does not agree with that lifestyle and so the LGBT community boycotted. But what they don’t understand is, aside his personal beliefs HE STILL HIRED GAY PEOPLE TO WORK THERE! I know plenty of gay people who have worked at Chik-Fil-a. He did not let his personal views stop others from equal opportunities. Which is the point. I, as a black woman, have dealt with many managers and co workers who did not like me just because I am a black woman. But you know what? I don’t care! As long as I’m provided the same opportunities and respect as my co workers. Now I also understand that this NEVER works out like that and personal views and beliefs almost ALWAYS get in the way of equality and discrimination. But let’s wait until there’s smoke to yell fire.

*Religious Freedom and Christianity*

It’s almost to the point where if you tell somebody you’re a Christian then it’s assumed that you hate gays and you are pro-life. WRONG! Too many people use Christianity as a front to cover their hateful ways, they did the same with slavery and jim crow.

The thing that bugs me the most about fake “christians” is how they abuse the entire faith by saying “well eing gay is a sin” ummm so is lying, adultery, drinking etc… I saw a lady on CNN that said “Well being gay is a different type of sin” This is the problem! BEING GAY IS NOT A DIFFERENT TYPE OF SIN! A sin is a sin is a sin! If you study your bible for yourself then you would learn that, but this hate is being passed down from generation to generation without anybody doing research for themselves. I won’t get into the whole old testament vs the new testament but please do your research.


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