Kylie Jenner Blackface?


Okay so I’ve been hearing complaints about this picture. People are accusing her of using “black face”. If your unsure of what black face (which I think most people are) you can learn about it here

Now that we all have been properly educated, thanks to wikipedia, I’m sure we can all agree that yes Kylie may have some issues but doing black face and being a racist is not one of them.

Her caption however is something that we should discuss.

“I wish I looked like this everyday” Black you mean?

Why thank you! We are an amazing race of people! I’ve noticed the booty enhancers and lip injections on many celebrities, but she may be the first “non black” to actually express her desires vocally. I’m not even going to get into the whole thing about her only being 17! Another day, another post…..

I just find it ironic that women always seem to strive to be something different than what they are…Black girls want to be exotic or foreign. Foreign girls want to be black…

It’s all very exhausting to see everyday via social media….

But hey! Whatever floats your boat


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