Being Mary Jane Recap, 4/7/15

Last night’s episode was a lot to handle! I actually fell asleep and had to finish watching it this morning but that’s beside the point.


You know how I like my list so let’s get to it…


  1. Man! That scene with Mary Jane shopping and talking to the Sales lady was too real! That’s exactly how those conversations happen! lol That’s one of the scary things about telling people about someone new you’re dating….


  1. But when she brought what she had heard to Sheldon!! He handled that 100 times better than I could have imagined. His honesty is one of the most attractive things about this character. He just answered every one of her questions and when she started threw her mini temper tantrum he ever so slightly let her know that she was being immature. And furthermore, how dare she get mad at him when she (at the time was still maintaining her cutty buddy)


  1. Speaking of which. It was time for this situation with Mr. Cutty Buddy to end. And it seemed to end without drama and sadness so that’s a first for Mary Jane.


  1. I could tell a few weeks ago that Kara wasn’t happy with her position on Talkback. As soon as Mary Jane said she wanted her show to deal with race relations and the black community she got nervous. But I think it’s deeper than her just wanting to go in a different direction. Kara has always been insecure about her race and her Latino heritage. I wonder if Mary Jane’s new direction will force her to finally acknowledge it.


  1. The baby brother is clearly focused on being rich now, like so many young black men. Then when he gets caught in this clearly illegal scheme, that Asian lady is going to hang him out to dry.


Now to the biggest point I want to talk about….


Lisa and David!! I am so over this chick! I always thought Mary Jane was a bad friend but this woman right here! I used to always say that I couldn’t be friends with someone who had deep insecurities. How can you be a good friend to me when you can’t even learn to love yourself? I understand she’s battling depression but damn!

Her jealousy was way too obvious a few episodes ago and apparently it’s mostly about David. If she wanted David she should have indicated that YEARS AGO!! Before Mary Jane became involved with him.

But now I guess she finally got what she wanted cause according to next week’s previews they are clearing messing around. She’s still the stupid one because anyone paying attention can tell he’s doing it out of spite and he still loves Mary Jane.


Until next week!




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