Tamika Fuller Vs. Ludacris, The State of Child Custody


In a Mary Jane Recap, I briefly touched on the case of Tamika Fuller and Ludacris regarding custody over their daughter. I haven’t gone into too many details with this case because for one, I don’t know them and I don’t know anybody’s side of the story. But while on Madam Noire today I happened to scroll past an essay that Tamika Fuller has written giving her side of the story. You can read that here….

In a nut shell, I have a few questions and a few issues with what she’s saying. But! I do at least feel some sympathy for her because I believe she truly loves her daughter and just made a few wrong choices. Does this make her an unfit parent? No but it doesn’t necessarily mean she’s the most “fit” either.

Her main point is that he initially begged her for an abortion so he does not deserve custody. Now in my opinion, this is not a valid reason. I know PLENTY of women who initially wanted to have an abortion, changed their mind and are now great parents, the same goes for men.

Secondly, she skips straight to the part of him wanting full physical custody. So if you were uninformed about this story then one would assume that he came out of nowhere and demanded custody which is highly misleading. It’s important when trying to gain sympathy you tell the entire truth and own your mistakes. She neglected to mention that he offered her child support and she demanded more. Thus he filed for full custody.

Thirdly, she says “However, contrary to popular belief, I was fully cognizant that I was going to be a single mother. I knew that he was not going to be involved – I was okay with that.” If you were okay with that then why were you asking for child support in the first place? Did you mean that you were prepared for him to not spend time with your daughter and just support financially?

And lastly, she briefly touches on the circumstances regarding her first child and why she doesn’t have custody. But she did not go into details other than Ludacris brought this up in court and it played a part in the judge’s decision. I completely understand that she was a child herself when she had her first child. So her family having custody initially actually makes sense. But why all these years later do you still not have custody?

Overall she did little to change my opinion about the judge’s decision. Granted favoritism is shown to wealthy celebrities when it comes to custody. Money should not be the only determining factor. But love doesn’t pay the bills and if you have no job (another fact she failed to mention) then the judge will place the child with the parent who can provide.

If you’re asking for an outrageous amount of child support, don’t be surprised when he asks for full custody…




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