Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (The Boston Bomber) and Why I Think He Shouldn’t Get the Dealth Penalty

Yeah I know you’re already mad that I even titled this post that but hear me out.


This man and his brother killed 3 people and injured hundreds more. Do I believe he is a horrible person? Yes. Should he pay for his actions? Yes. But how is killing him righting any of these wrongs?? It certainly won’t bring back any of those people, nor restore any body parts.


I believe that he is sick in the head and should spend the rest of his life in jail to be tormented by his guilt and face the consequences of his actions.  This man wants to die! Why should he be granted peace when so many others aren’t?


When I proposed this to my aunt last week, she replied “Oh so you’d rather have your tax money pay for his wellbeing the rest of his life”.


Yes. Yes I would.


In Atlanta, school teachers and officials are serving actual prison time for cheating on test. Yes my tax money is paying for nonviolent offenders to spend time in jail.


There is something so wrong with our judicial system. Maybe we wouldn’t have to resort to killing someone who committed a crime if the system wasn’t too busy on sending people to jail who don’t belong there.


I’m not even going to start on the statistics of black men in jail for various minor incidents.


Maybe it’s the Christianity in me. I just don’t believe in murder. Period.


“We kill people who kill people because killing people is wrong”




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