Being Mary Jane Season Finale Recap 4/14/15

Okay, 2 hour finale last night which actually was just 2 episodes put together but whatever.

What I don’t like about finales is that they feel like they always have to leave with a cliff hanger. I HATEEEEE cliff hangers! Anyway on to my list!

  1. Mary Jane’s Ugly Black Woman line went suppeeerrr viral and social media lit up! I enjoyed this story cause that is exactly how it would have happened. Of course SNC (The network she works for) jumped on it and promoted her to prime time! I was not surprised when the HBIC came in and told Mary Jane to pause her black agenda! If I were Mary Jane I would continue it anyway because they are just going to replace her when the hype calms down.

Next she has what was supposed to be a romantic evening with Sheldon but I’ll save that whole story for the end….

  1. Kara goes home to visit her parents and finds out that her dad and his gambling problem have cost them the house! This guy! has already SOLD the house to someone he owes money too and has been paying him rent SMH
  2. Ummm since when does Mary Jane’s oldest brother have another daughter other than the cute little mixed girl and Neicy??
  3. Okay so the Lisa and David thing wasn’t as bad as I thought but Lisa sure is as trifling as I assumed her to be! Hmph She clearly has some mental issues because how can you be in love with a man this long who has shown 0 interests in you other than letting you give him head?? She is thee definition of THIRST!! It’s unfortunate for Mary Jane to find out how she did but I’m happy she knows now.


And Lastly…

These 2 episodes were clearly the Sheldon and Mary Jane because we got ALOT of them last night.


After her promotion she goes over Sheldon’s house and he has a Moroccan dinner set up with candles and music etc. Instead of her being appreciative like she should, she calls him corny and insults him. SMH stupid stupid stupid. She’s clearly insecure about him previously dating young girls because she throws it in his face a few times.

But her friend Mark gets her together real fast! He tells her she was wrong and she needs to apologize if she wants that relationship to continue. She does via text and he takes a whole 24 hours to respond and when he does he says “Thank You.” lmao

She in return pops up at his house. Mary Jane is crazy! He sends her ass right back home though. Then her alarm goes off and she gets scared and asks to stay at Sheldon’s.

When she gets there, he informs her that yes they are indeed in a relationship. But we knew this was too good to be true…

She gets a call about David’s dog dying and as a result of David being on her mind again she pees in Sheldon’s bed.

Yes. Pisses in his bed.

He handles it way better than I could have. He immediately knows it’s because of her feelings for her ex and tells her to call him.

Of course as we all can predict this is where it all falls apart. Mary Jane is a child mentally and Sheldon is a grown ass man. Whenever they argue she’s rude, insulting, and immature. Eventually she pulls him down to her level as well.

In the midst of this childish ass fight he reveals that not only does he not want kids or to get married, he doesn’t even want to live with the woman he is dating. Of course she’s upset and leaves. Granted he knew what she wanted from jump and he should have said that that’s not something that he wants. Be honest and let her decide if that’s how she wants to live her life. But he thought he could change her. Smh


The end. Oh then she overhears David and Lisa’s convo via butt dial and crashes her car into a tree.


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