At Home Lush Spa Day

I have been so stressed lately! My vacation is a little over two weeks away and I needed some immediate relief. So I decided to have an at home spa day! Mainly this just consisted of a hot bath but I used Lush products to enhance my experience.

Well they were all Lush expect these bath salts from CVS. I always use Lush Bath Bombs so I decided to try some of there other products this time. Plus my body was sore from Bikram Yoga that I did on Saturday.




1st up is the Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub. I LOVED this!!! My favorite product and it made my skin so smooth and soft! Also (which was kind of weird) it felt so good putting it on while I was in the shower. I felt like the women in that hair shampoo commerical. You know the one where they’re moaning while washing their hair? Yeah it’s all that. Oh and it’s infused with Vodka that you can definitely smell.


2nd I used this mint sugar lip scrub. I enjoyed the minty flavor but I felt like I could have gotten the same effect from a DIY lip scrub. The good part is you don’t have to wash it off you can just lick it off your lips.


Lastly I used their Cupcake Face Mask. I have been having a lot of breakouts lately and the sales lady made this suggestion. I didn’t notice any immediate results but I do like the cold sensation that I got when I first applied it. (It has to be refrigerated)


This is me wearing the face mask and the lip scrub.


I will be buying more of the body scrub and maybe even the face mask. Not really sold on the lip scrub however. I’ll try Bath and Body Works next time.

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