Working a 9-5 Job is Considered Corny: The Dame Dash Theory

A few weeks ago, Hip Hop mogul Dame Dash did an interview with the infamous breakfast club.


During this interview Dame suggested that men who don’t own their own business aren’t real men.

Yes those were his exact words.

Thus the theory of Dame Dash was born!

You sir! With your fancy government job and 401k plan are not a real man.

Yeah right…

Anyway eventually the hype had died down and I decided not to discuss his dumb ass but then I got on twitter this morning looking for inspiration.


Oh boy Passport Cutty never lets me down. (Keep in mind she was referring to criminals when she said this)

So the conversation heated up quickly. It became 9-5ers Vs. Entrepreneur vs. Random (Bartenders, Herbalife etc)

I’ll just go over each party’s stance briefly:

9-5ers (this includes me): Mentioned the need for stability, benefits, etc.

Entrepreneur: The need to pursue their happiness and provide a future for their children

Random: I honestly don’t know, maybe the need to sleep in? (No Shade)


Now I am not knocking one or the other. I have a deep fear of not being able to contribute to my household and take of my family. My happiness comes second to that.

My dream has always been to be a writer. Just to write. Real simple. See I can write (via this blog) and still enjoy career success via my 9-5.

Some people can’t do that. I honestly feel sorry for people who risk everything on their dream just to have it not work out. That has got to be the worst feeling. Especially if you have a family to take care of.

In the end, people are going to make the decisions that they feel are best for them. I just want everybody to think logically while making these decisions.






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