Game of Thrones and Rape Culture


If you are NOT caught up on Game of Thrones do not read!

You have been warned.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about it. This is not a recap, and I will not talk about all of the other random things that happened on Sunday’s episode.  I am here to try to figure out how I feel about Sansa’s rape scene with Ramsay Bolton.

I am already conflicted about this sadistic character because I love Iwan Rheon



Especially when he was on misfits but I have to accept that, that show is over now and Ramsay is not Simon in any way.


Moving on, many people are upset about the rape scene.  They say they are never watching again, too much has happened to Sansa, the writers are insensitive to rape, blah blah blah.

Okay first off and I’m sad that I even have to say this: It’s a television show. A fictional television show. It’s a fictional world with fictional characters. She was not raped in real life. Yes I already hear your rebuttal in my head “But so many women and girls are raped in real life”

Yes this is true, however, how many of these women have been forced into marriages to plot revenge against their slain family members so they can become the Queen of the North? Oh


Secondly, Sansa Stark has had a rough life. I agree. But ummm so much more has happened to so many other characters. Theon for example.  If you’ve been watching then I don’t even have to go into details about his experiences with Ramsay.

Yes this show uses rape a lot.  But in this uncivilized environment it’s not unrealistic.  Not to mention that majority of these characters have some severe mental illnesses going on.

I personally believe Sansa will be okay.  She is so much smarter now than she was when she was with Joffrey.  And hopefully she will avenge her family, because the Stark family have not been having a good run on this show.



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