Miguel vs. Frank Ocean vs. The Weeknd

Okay I read the interview where Miguel had made the comment that he made better music than Frank Ocean. I believe this was in response to Frank Ocean winning that Grammy over him last year. Correct me if I’m wrong.

So I saw somebody ask who was better between Frank Ocean and Miguel. While scrolling through the comments I saw someone throw The Weeknd’s name into the ring as well.  I initially didn’t participate because I honestly didn’t know. I decided to pose this question on my Facebook page and got a lot of different responses.  I enjoy this because listening to other people’s points and opinions gives me much to think about when trying to decide whose music I actually enjoy more.

It seems like the general opinion likes Miguel, but I think this mostly because he just released an album last week. Which isn’t exactly fair because Frank Ocean and The Weeknd are supposedly putting out new albums this summer…

But I’ll work with what I have to try and figure out who exactly I like the most….

Frank Ocean (The Tortured Soul)


I am literally listening to channel orange right now! I LOVE THIS ALBUM!! He is a genius!! This man is so talented! Pyramids is one of my favorite songs of all time. The thing I like about Frank is his songs are so different. He is not afraid to sing about him falling in love with a man, or a girl, or whatever the hell he’s talking about.  You can tell he is speaking his truth and that just resonates with me… Rumors have it, he’s releasing a new album sometime this month. It’s supposedly titled “Boys don’t cry”

Miguel (New R&B)


Out of the three of these artists, I think Miguel is the closest to a traditional R&B artist.  He does have the best voice and his music is so catchy! Not to mention the lyrics! He has mastered the art of being raunchy without coming off as disrespectful! *Ques Pussy is mine* His second album Kaleidoscope Dream is everything!! EVERYTHING! Sadly I am not feeling his latest album as much but these things often grow on me so we’ll see.

The Weeknd (Emo R&B)


Okay so it took me a minute to get into The Weeknd but once I did I was hooked!! There is not a single song by him that I have not loved! And that’s saying a lot! Miguel is clearly the “sexy music” but I cannot lie and say the Weeknd’s music doesn’t take you there as well! Earned it, Wicked Games….whew  Enough said! His style is so original and different that it’s hypnotizing. If that makes sense.  Sadly though I have heard that he is not the greatest live performer. I guess I’ll find out at Made in America in September. His new album is titled “Beauty Behind The Madness” and babaaaeeee I can’t wait! August 28th!

See I say all of that to say I still don’t know who my favorite is lol Currently I think I would have to go with The Weeknd (at least until Frank drops another album and I give Miguel’s another listen) But nonetheless my summer will be amazing! Given that all 3 will have new albums out by September!

We’ll revisit this then lol


What do you think?

Albums I’m Anticipating in 2014

Wishful thinking … or it could really happen but here is my list:

Frank Ocean – Last album Channel Orange came out in 2012 and was my summer playlist. I can’t tell you how many times I listen to “Pyramids” while in NYC… good times

Kendrick Lamar – Last album good kid, m.A.A.d city another great album of 2012. Favorite song “Backseat Freestyle” cause …”All my life I want money and power Respect my mind or die from lead shower I pray my dick get big as the Eiffel Tower So I can fuck the world for 72 hours”

Adele– Last album 21 drop early 2011. Girls’ night is in need of some new theme music and Adele never disappoints. “Rolling in the Deep” and “Lovesong” always set the mood for great conversation.

Jhene Aiko– I’m new to Jhene Aiko you may know her as the chick who was Lil Fizz cousin from B2K or you may know her from Drake’s new song “From Time”  but I recently took notice of her when her E.P. Sail Out drop November 2013 . I love “Comfort Inn Ending” and “Bed Peace” features Childish Gambino.

Mario– Ok someone lied to me about this one.  Cause I won’t fake I check Wikipedia a few time after hearing “Somebody Else” featuring Nicki Minaj and “Fatal Distraction” this summer to find out when his album would drop. I swear it said October or November 2013 but whatever I have something to look forward to in 2014 …I hope!

Anhayla – I honestly can’t recall how I came across this woman but I live for her song “If I Was”. Her E.P. is called U.G.L.Y but there is nothing ugly about her music she is total amazing.  I found a lot of covers she did on SoundCloud.com. My favorite is “Trust Issues” by Drake