Straight Outta Compton

I saw Straight Outta Compton Monday morning around 11:00 AM. It was sold out. Yes a Monday morning movie was sold out. So I knew this was something big.


And I also knew that drama would soon follow.

Maybe I’m reaching here (because I’ve honestly mostly read positive reviews)but I have noticed a few people (in the comments section mostly) talk about how the group disrespects women in their lyrics (true!!) and how they were only used as sexual props in the movie (Untrue)


Stop reading if you haven’t seen the movie!!!!

So there is one scene I’ll refer to as the “Bye Felicia” scene. Women are walking around naked, having sex etc. etc.

Pause for a moment. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t part of the “feminist” movement sexual freedom? Meaning being able to do as you please sexually without judgment. So I’m confused why this scene bothers so many feminist. Aren’t these women just exploring their sexual freedom?

Or is it because they are doing so with black men which mean that it’s automatically disrespect? Or is it because they’re black women?

I’ve stated long ago that we as black women are not included in the “American feminist” conversation. I’m honestly okay with that because as sad as it is: Our issues and the issues of white women are not the same.

We are overly sexualized in pop culture. We are told not to bring up race when discussing gender equality, but how can we not!? When our race plays such a huge part in our lives?

I know I’m rambling, but to get back to the point lol I don’t agree with all of NWA’s lyrics but I have to respect the influence they had on Hip Hop culture and on Pop culture in general.


Now on to their lyrics. Of course their lyrics make me uncomfortable!! Of course! I feel like that goes without saying. But Ice Cube brought up a great point in his recent interview with Rolling Stone. “If you’re a ho, you probably don’t like us. If you’re not a ho or a bitch, don’t be jumping to the defense of these despicable females.” This is true. I think this is the reason why I never became downright outraged at some of their lyrics. And if you’re still confused, listen to Tupac’s “Wonder why they call you Bitch” for further clarification.

Lastly, Dr. Dre

Never really been a Dr. Dre fan because of the domestic abuse allegations against him.

  1. These allegations are not new, they are twenty years old.
  2. I assumed there were a bunch of women he had abused (4-5)
  3. I didn’t know that he had spoken about these incidents and thought he chose to ignore them instead
  4. I also didn’t know that they had settled out of court

Okay so after doing my research, there were only two women accusing him of violence not many like I originally thought. These incidents occurred in the early nineties so why are these women doing interviews and talking negatively about the NWA movie?? I’m sorry. This movie was not about Dr. Dre’s life so what did you expect exactly?

2ndly (and this is just my personal opinion) if you received money instead of pressing criminal charges, you aren’t a victim anymore. You got your money years ago, why are you brining this up now like you never received justice? I wasn’t there so I can’t say what happened or didn’t happen. All I know is what the media reports.

Regardless of how you feel about the group or even the individuals, you cannot deny that this was a great movie and a story that needed to be told.



Lets Get Some Things Straight About Sorority Sisters Protest

Okay so I have been reading numerous Facebook post, blogs, and other articles concerning the protest/boycott of Vh1’s new show “Sorority Sisters”. At first, I felt that I had no reason to comment because I am an Inactive member of DST and I also watch Love and Hip Hop. But since everybody seems to have these random opinions I guess I’ll throw my two cents in as well….

Let’s get something straight: BGLO’S DO NOT CONSIDER THEMSELVES “THE ELITE”!! As a whole we do not consider ourselves better than anybody and if you have encountered a member who acts like that, they are acting on their own accord.

I just finished reading this article about how people should be just as angry and upset about Scandal and Love and Hip Hop. Clearly the author seemed bitter but that’s neither here nor there. People are angry about Love and Hip Hop but those women go on those shows representing themselves. It may be assumed by people unfamiliar with the black community that they are a representation of black women but that is not their intent.

Now the difference here is, BGLO’s were created to provide support and uplift to our communities while creating a sisterhood/brotherhood. Yes we have a few bad seeds but who doesn’t? VH1 and these “sorors” crossed the line when they decided to do a TV show in the name of Delta/AKA/Zeta/SGRho without the members consent.

And because of this blatant disrespect I will no longer watch Love and Hip Hop or any other demeaning reality TV show. I never really watched them anyway (I’m more of a Walking Dead girl)

Meanwhile here is a list of advertisers who have pulled their Ads from the show.