I’m a little pissed at #BlackLivesMatter

So I’m going to jump right into it. I am not PLEASED AT ALL with the recent tactics of the orgnization Black Lives Matter.  While I do agree that more “forward” tactics are needed, rushing stages and being outright rude is not the way.

You know how I like my list to keep my thoughts organized so here goes…

  1. Why is this only being done to the democratic candidates?? Why have they NOT interupted Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Ben Carson etc etc
  2. Have they done ANYYYY research on Bernie Sanders?? Like at all! Please check his resume before you decide to rush him on stage! “While attending the University of Chicago, he was active in the Civil Rights Movement, and a student organizer for the Congress of Racial Equality and the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committeee of the actions he took was the coordination of sit-in protests against segregated campus housing, for which he was arrested. Sanders also participated in the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom”
  3. As much as I dislike Hilary Clinton, she had such great points when talking to the Black Lives Matter Activist in an adult like conversation. She said “You cannot change peoples hearts” This is so true! You barging on stage and yelling is not going to make deep seated racist people change their ways.


Yes there has to be change in our communities. But we have to have a plan and this hunty isn’t working for me….


Who Should I Vote For?

Ok so the MD primary election is June 24th. A lot of people do not participate in the local elections because they feel it is not as important. They cannot be more wrong. Local elections affect us just as much, if not more than the presidential election.  So who should you vote for? Well I’m here to provide you with the democratic candidates running for a MD Governor.  I will also provide a few issues that are important to them so you can know who and what you are voting for. If you are interested in the republican candidates as well you can visit the MD state board of election website.  So here goes:

Anthony G Brown/Ken Ulman
Important Issues: HBCU’S, College Affordability,
Jobs & Women
Website: http://anthonybrown.com


Photo Cred: Washington Post
Doug Gansler/Jolene Ivey
Important Issues:Jobs, Veterans, Education & Safety
Website: http://douggansler.com/


Photo cred: marylandreporter.com

Ralph Jaffe/Freda Jaffe
Important Issues: No Tax increases, Nursing home rip-offs & Abolish MD emissions inspection
Website: http://www.fedupwithcrookedpolitics.com


Photo Cred: http://www.fedupwithcrookedpolitics.com

Heather Mizeur/Delman Coates
Important Issues: Marriage Equality, Jobs, Marijuana Legalization, & Senior Citizens
Website: http://www.heathermizeur.com


Photo Cred: greenbelt.patch.com

Charles U Smith/Clarence Tucker

*Unable to find any info on this candidate stay tuned*


Cindy A Walsh/Mary Elizabeth Wingate-Pennacchia
Important Issues: Labor Legislation, Tax Reform, Healthcare, Public Educational opportunities
Website: http://www.citizensoversightmaryland.com/


photo cred: http://www.citizensoversightmaryland.com/

So these are the individuals running for the democratic ticket for MD State Governor. Of course these are not all of the issues that they represent. I encourage you to click on the links and do your own research. This is simply a jump start  Vote June 24th!!